aa Grotesk



Typeface — "aa Grotesk"

Crafted by aaronniehworkshop (ANW) in collaboration with professional type designers, "aa Grotesk" is a regular-weight, Latin and sans-serif typeface exclusive to ANW. Featuring a modern, bold geometric design with clean lines and a unique personality, it is ideal for both headlines and body text. "aa Grotesk" supports a broad spectrum of characters and symbols for English and most European languages, and includes a range of special hidden glyphs, enhancing creative possibilities. For information on font purchases and licensing inquiries, please contact us by email.

© 2022 Aaron Nieh Workshop (aaronniehworkshop)
All rights reserved
Font concept & design aaronniehworkshop
Font development & engineering Chiachi Chao

"aa Grotesk" 字體為永真急制與字體設計師合作研發、專用於永真急制官方網站及諸多設計作品上之歐文字體,具當代明快的幾何感、身形俐落且略帶神經質,通用於標題及內文排版外,且支援多數歐語系國家字符,並於字符集中加入許多隱藏版之個性符號。