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Tea Mate - KUO YUAN YE × Aaron Nieh 150 Anniversary Souvenir Box | 伴點時光 - 郭元益 × 聶永真 150周年紀念禮盒

Crossover, Package, Visual Identity, Food, Co-branding


Tea Mate – The 150th Anniversary Commemorative Gift Box from Kuo Yuan Ye celebrates the brand’s sesquicentennial heritage, a journey originating with its traditional cakes and pastries. In an exclusive partnership with Aaron Nieh, the brand introduces a pastry line featuring “bean” and “tea” as the central themes. For this special edition, a unique dual-flavor, two-tiered round cake mold has been designed, offering petite, delicate tea treats. These confections carry the warmth of “companionship in pairs”, a nod to Kuo Yuan Ye’s 150 years of devoted presence in its patrons’ lives.

The Tea Mate gift box greets you with the historic charm of Taiwanese traditional pastries on its cover. Delving into the box’s layers, you are invited to indulge in Kuo Yuan Ye’s beloved family recipes, including sesame green bean cake, black sesame, and peanut cakelets. For modern palates, there are youthful favorites like pearl milk tea nougat and French nougat with dark chocolate, each bite a step along a flavorful journey through time.

  1. Gift box with newly designed pastries

  2. Gift box with new and signature pastries

  3. Gift box with all pastries

  4. The gift box



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