Taipei 101 VISA card series
Taipei 101 VISA Infinite - Supreme
Taipei 101 VISA Signature
Taipei 101 VISA Infinite
Taipei 101 VISA Infinite
No. 22092

TAIPEI 101 × CTBC VISA Card | 台北101 × 中國信託聯名卡

Art Direction, Crossover, Visual Identity, Co-branding


In celebration of the 20th anniversary of the “Co-branded Card”, TAIPEI 101 has partnered with CTBC Bank. For this special milestone, they commissioned the Aaron Nieh Workshop to reimagine the card’s design.

The series consists of three cards, each of varying tiers. Abstract lines form the primary visual element, capturing the iconic silhouette of Taipei 101. These lines, which evoke a sense of airiness, represent a departure from the traditional blocky graphics often used to depict architecture. The “VISA Infinite” and “VISA Signature” cards use gradient backgrounds to suggest depth, alluding to the skyline and a sea of clouds behind the lines of Taipei 101. This minimalist design approach gives the Taipei 101 co-branded card a fresh, contemporary look.

The “VISA Infinite - Supreme” stands out as the pinnacle of the 101 co-branded card series. Rarely seen in local markets, this all-black metal card offers a distinct experience. Beneath its dark surface, the abstract lines of Taipei 101 are intricately cut out to reveal a shimmering silver-plated metallic finish. This card’s unique weight and tactile feel set it apart from conventional credit cards.

  1. Taipei 101 VISA Infinite

  2. Taipei 101 VISA Infinite

  3. Taipei 101 VISA Signature

  4. Taipei 101 VISA Infinite - Supreme

  5. Taipei 101 VISA card series

台北101中國信託合作發行「台北101聯名卡」邁入第20週年之際,邀請 Aaron Nieh Workshop 為其卡面設計全新風貌。

三張不同等級的卡面,以抽象線條做為系列性主體視覺識別,呈現台北101圖像,以無人嘗試過的輕線條,一舉打破過去慣常的建築物塊面表現方式。「鼎極卡(VISA Infinite)」 及「御璽卡(VISA Signature)」 透過背景的漸變圖層,傳遞台北101線條間隙中透現出雲海與天際線上的遠近空間感。藉極簡的設計語彙,打造台北101聯名卡的當代全新面貌。 

而「尊榮鼎極卡(VISA Infinite - Supreme)」為101聯名卡首次出現最高級的卡別、亦是國內少有的全黑金屬卡。全黑卡面下,台北101的抽象線條以鏤空的方式透出金屬鍍銀面,其重量、觸感與一般信用卡迥異。

Art director & Design 聶永真 Aaron Nieh
Project Manager 林彥君 Janice Lin
Design strategy contributor 陳聖智 Even Chen