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Gift boxes of SAWAA Fragrance Diffussion Series
Fragrance diffuser set
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Glass vase manufactured by Spring Pool Glass
SAWAA Fragrance Diffussion Series
No. 23121

SAWAA x aaronniehworkshop Fragrance Diffusion Series|香氛擴香系列

Crossover, Package, Product Project


Each breath transforms fragrance into an intangible whisper, a soft-hummed language that delves deep into emotions and memories. It opens the inner self, enabling us to perceive our essence through the senses ── a journey of self-discovery.

Skincare and fragrance brand SAWAA, in collaboration with aaronniehworkshop, has created three minimalist, high-quality fragrance diffusers. These designs, merging marble and glass artistry, uniquely blend tough and soft elements, offering an aesthetic and meaningful interpretation of self-understanding. The diffusers present a balance of contrasts: transparently pure yet intricately complex, resilient yet delicate, and sensitive yet profoundly empathetic. In every facet of our being, we find tranquillity, gently embraced by the cosmos. Each unique and soothing aroma forges imaginative connections with the world.

  1. SAWAA Fragrance Diffussion Series

  2. Glass vase manufactured by Spring Pool Glass

  3. As a vase

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  5. Fragrance diffuser set

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  7. Gift boxes of SAWAA Fragrance Diffussion Series

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隨著呼吸,香氣是一門無形低吟的語言,深抵情緒與記憶,讓我們敞開內在,透過感知外境 ── 來感知自己。

保養及香氛品牌 SAWAA 聯名永真急制,設計三款香氛擴香系列 ── 延續 SAWAA 的極簡與高度質感,將托置香氛的器皿,視為理解自我的傳譯 ── 將大理石與玻璃工藝並置,構成造型極簡、既冷硬又柔軟的衝撞,談美之餘,賦予更多深度的底蘊;可以輕透純粹,也可以矛盾難解,剛毅同時脆弱,敏感並且共情。每個不同面向的自己都能回歸平靜,受天地溫柔承接,散發出獨特、舒坦的芬香,與世界建立更多想像。

Art Director 陳聖智Even Chen + 聶永真 Aaron Nieh

Product design 陳聖智Even Chen + 聶永真 Aaron Nieh
Product drawing 陳宇倫 Eden Chen
Package design 魏仁祥 Xiang Wei
Copywriting 魏仁祥 Xiang Wei
Project Manage 林彥君 Janice Lin

Product(Glass) manufacturing 春池玻璃 Spring Pool Glass