Exhibited work: Step Stool (front) / Scene of the space (back)
Exhibited work: Book Bricks (front) / Scene of the space (back)
Exhibited work: Towel
Exhibited work: Sign Column in detail
Exhibited work: Sign Columns
No. 22101

Real Type, Fake Medium | 假平面

Visual Identity, Typeface, Graphic Experiment, Exhibition, Curation

Taiwan Design Expo
 Kaohsiung 高雄台灣設計展


A mini-assembly of real design, wrong scale, and foreign media.

A set of self-curated & initiated works invited to participate in the 2022 Taiwan Design Expo. The exhibition Real Type, Fake Medium deliberately dismantles and displaces the static relationship between content and its medium, with the intention of introducing a new understanding, reflection, and imagination to the viewer’s conventional experience.

Aaron Nieh extracts symbols from brand identity systems and iconic designs by Aaron Nieh Workshop, reinterpreting their form through unconventional media formats and distorted scales in three typefaces: AA Grotesk, Chinese typefaces of Taipei Performing Arts Center and Taichung Green Museumbrary. The work is presented in condensed portions, expressing itself through delicately crafted elegance, ill-fitting media, misplaced texts, fractured experiences, and pretentious design.

Seven works are displayed in a cargo container settled at the Wharf No.8 of Kaohsiung Penglai Port Area, including: ● signs and scrolling marquee serving alternative purposes ● a soft fabric that functions as a pit stop for negative energy ● floor indicator signage that appears functional but is misplaced ● a brick composed of encyclopedia spines and edges  ● oil cans indiscriminately printed upon as paper ● a curated display of classic symbols designed by Aaron Nieh Workshop manifested as 48 cigarette packs titled Real Type (the packs contain four different flavors but #notimportant) (Reminder: Smoking Kills, Smoking Cessation Hotline 0800636363)

Real Type, Fake Medium is a mini assembly of delectable documents from the cloud, an unruly experiment which separates the spirit from the flesh, as well as a live specimen of the custom typefaces designed by Aaron Nieh Workshop in recent years, and a game of form reconstructed for Taiwan Design Expo, Kaohsiung.

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  1. Exhibited work: Sign Columns

  2. Exhibited work: Sign Column in detail

  3. Exhibited work: Towel

  4. Complimentary zine

  5. Exhibited work: Scrolling Marquee

  6. Exhibited work: Book Bricks (front) / Scene of the space (back)

  7. Exhibited work: Step Stool (front) / Scene of the space (back)

真設計 ── 錯尺度 ── 異媒介的迷你集會。


聶永真將工作室團隊「永真急制Workshop」近年品牌識別與指標作品中的視覺符號抽離,再現於不合理的媒介及失真的尺度上,並以三種自行開發設計的字體:AA Grotesk歐文、臺北表演藝術中心、臺中綠美圖品牌客製化中文字型,重新演繹展出作品,小份量地展示 ── 認真捏造的精美、不合身的媒介、走錯棚的文本、斷裂的經驗識讀,以及煞有介事的設計。

共七組裝置於高雄港8號碼頭的貨櫃空間內展出,包含:● 被錯置為另一種訊號載體的指標與跑馬燈、● 成為負能量心靈停靠站的柔軟布料、● 看起來稱職卻不在其位的樓層標示、● 用側面扮演牆面,面面戲假情真的百科書磚、● 被當成紙張無差別印刷的機油罐,以及 ● 「永真急制」自選歷年設計的經典符碼重組再現、以意味不明之姿降落在名為「Real Type」的48只菸盒(菸盒有四種風味但 #不重要)(提醒您:吸菸有害健康・戒菸專線 0800636363)。


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Art director & Design strategy 聶永真 Aaron Nieh + 陳聖智 Even Chen
Designer 楊喬然 Rivers Yang (career move)、魏仁祥Xiang Wei、王姿涵 Emily Wang、聶永美 Nayumei (career move)、王翰偉Hanwei Wang
Project manager 陳忠韻 Yuki Chen (career move)、林彥君 Janice Lin (Present)
Project coordinator of the exhibition 王翰偉 Hanwei Wang

Special thanks to artist agent Bear Y. C. Hsiung, Jean Huang


Design and rearrangement for exhibiting works + Custom font prototype for AA Grotesk, TPAC & TGM — ©aaronniehworkshop ● Detailed development and production of font design — ChiaChi Chao (Latin typeface) & GuanYing Chen (Chinese typeface) ● Production in the coordination — Wei-Yang Print (cigarette packs, book bricks, facade of oil cans and folding poster) & Central Art Design (step stool, sign columns, scrolling marquee, baking paint of oil cans, towel, and all stands) ● Translation for exhibition concept of Real Type, Fake Medium — Iris Lin ● Music (in playlist order) — 1Carrots by Josh Pan (authorisation of offline play); 2Basement Floor, 3Cut and Run, and 4Rising Tide by Kevin MacLeod (CC BY 4.0)

Team members in ©aaronniehworkshop who are related to projects showcased in this exhibition (2016-2022)