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Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C.(Taiwan) |經濟部

Branding, Visual Identity, Typeface

Ministry of Economic Affairs, R.O.C.(Taiwan) 中華民國(台灣)經濟部


The Ministry of Economic Affairs is the paramount governing authority in Taiwan R.O.C., responsible for overseeing economic affairs. Its remit includes industrial development, international trade, and energy development.

The new Ministry of Economic Affairs logo preserves its historical image while embodying values of heritage, transformation, innovation, sustainability, and diversity through a sleek geometric design.

The logo combines the initial letter ‘E’ from ‘Economic’, with the empty form of the second letter ‘C’, further accented by three horizontal lines that signify diversity. This design effectively symbolises the ministry’s comprehensive oversight across industry, energy, and trade sectors. The colour scheme maintains a stable and trustworthy blue tone, whilst introducing a rejuvenated green in the logo’s central line, denoting sustainable innovation. The typeface, a harmonious blend of a sleek sans-serif and an elegant serif, strikes a comfortable balance. This not only bolsters the overall brand identity but also narrows the communication divide between the organisation and the public through the new identity.

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Project Coordinator 台灣設計研究院 Taiwan Design Research Institute

Design Team 永真急制 aaronniehworkshop
Art Director 陳聖智 Even Chen + 聶永真 Aaron Nieh
Project Manage 林彥君 Janice Lin
Design 王姿涵 Emily Wang、魏仁祥 Xiang Wei、王翰偉 Hanwei Wang
Motion Graphics 陳宇倫 Eden Chen

Typeface Supervision 陳冠穎 GY Chen
Design Research 台灣設計研究院 Taiwan Design Research Institute