Album cover encased in the acrylic sleeve
Close-up of the CD
Inside page close-up
Inside page illustration
Inside page print effect
Inside page
Inside page close-up
Album title sticker on the shrink wrap
The album cover
No. 21022

Lu Wei “The Wind of Xingang” | 盧葦《新港的風》

Album, Package, Art Direction, Editorial

LuLu Reed Studio/ Ho Vision Entertainment 蘆葦花開音樂藝術工作室/禾廣


On every journey away from home, every fleeting moment of foreign memories, what we wish most to hold onto becomes abstract and blurry. All that lingers are the winds brushing against our skin and the moon over the Pacific – warm, moist mists, and faint wisps of fog. We all know memories are unreliable. They’re merely emotional rhetoric. We willingly trade our travels for essential poetics, getting lost in nostalgia, feeling hunger amidst distances, and falling asleep in loneliness.

The album boasts elegant colour tones and a minimalist cover. Its imagery, composed of gradients, evokes visions of the sea and the gentle caress of a breeze. Bound in soft hardcover and adorned with a matte acrylic sleeve printed via UV direct print, the creation of this album posed several challenges. Tackling the complexities of unique materials and printing techniques, the design and production spanned several months. This involved myriad shell prototypes, colour calibrations, structural deliberations, and tests for special binding methods. After navigating these intricate printing and production hurdles, the tangible album was finally perfected and released.

  1. The album cover

  2. Album title sticker on the shrink wrap

  3. Inside page close-up

  4. Inside page

  5. Inside page print effect

  6. Inside page illustration

  7. Inside page close-up

  8. Close-up of the CD

  9. Album cover encased in the acrylic sleeve



* The work was nominated for the 2022 Golden Melody Awards’ Best Album Design. 本作品獲金曲獎最佳裝幀設計獎入圍

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