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2022 Young Designers’ Exhibition | 2022 新一代設計展

Branding, Event, Exhibition, Key Visual, Signage


“Titling the YODEX 2022 Hyper Reality and drawing inspiration from human behaviour, media evolution, variations in user experience, and cyber society, the visual showcases a contemporary coexistence scenario that draws parallels between the past, digital modernity, and speculative futures. By employing a retro-futuristic style, fluorescent hues, and the techniques of advertising photography, we aim to communicate that “Design” plays an integral role in shaping both mainstream narratives and their counter-narratives.

The Aaron Nieh Workshop took on the role of visual planning and graphic design coordination for the second time, teaming up with the talented photographer and artist, Sydney Sie. She is celebrated for her deep insights into themes of identity, the digital landscape, and gender dynamics. Together, the team probed the nuanced hybrid realities that subtly permeate our daily lives. Employing a retro-futuristic fluorescent palette, the workshop crafted a series of 10 primary visuals. In one way or another, we have all either encountered or are currently navigating these realities. Intriguingly, our visions of the future often incorporate symbols from our past. Consider our modern smartphones: they bear no resemblance to old telephones, yet their interfaces still feature an icon that evokes a vintage handset for calls. We naturally say, “I’m going to hang up now,” rather than “click off.” For many, before ever writing a traditional letter, their first introduction to an envelope was the familiar symbol for email.

In the visual layout, the motion graphics of Hyper Reality theme humorously reference the 2021 key visual that was planned but never realized, echoing an alternate hyper-reality.

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  2. “call me” featuring “Hyper Reality” shared on social media (Same below)

  3. “quick keying” featuring “Hyper Reality”

  4. “ex calling” featuring “Hyper Reality”

  5. “3kb/sec” featuring “Hyper Reality”

  6. “.app” featuring “Hyper Reality”

  7. “hahahahahahaahhaaah” featuring “Hyper Reality”

  8. “pandemic check-ins” featuring “Hyper Reality”

  9. “hbd” featuring “Hyper Reality”

  10. “fax” featuring “Hyper Reality”

  11. Key visual series released by YODEX officials

以「Hyper Reality」為命題,2022年新一代設計展主視覺藉人類行為、媒介演化、使用者經驗變異、賽博社交(Cyber Society)等議題,陳列出類比復古、科技數位與推測性未來共存的當代景觀,一切看似超越真實,卻其實已是全球現下的共同寫實。而「設計」,正是這些主流或反主流敘事背後的共同寫手。

永真急制團隊第二次擔任視覺企劃統籌與平面設計,邀來在身份探索、數位虛實、性別權力等議題見長的知名攝影藝術家 Sydney Sie 共同合作,詮釋在生活中存在且已潛移默化的混種現實,透過極具復古未來的螢光感色調,分別呈現出10組主視覺。我們都經歷或正在經歷這些真實,幻想的未來也充滿著過去的符號,就像人人手上的智慧型手機與舊式桌上型撥號電話外型毫無關聯,但使用者介面仍依賴著一枚遙遠復古的話筒圖形進行接聽與掛斷,使用者口中仍自然地說著:「我要掛掉了喔」,而不是「按掉」。更多人在學會拿筆寫信之前,人生中認識的第一個信封是 Email 的代表圖形。

在視覺版面中,「Hyper Reality」主題字樣的呈現亦幽默連結了2021年未能舉辦成功的新一代主視覺梗,存在過但又未發生過,也呼應了另一種超常真實。

Art director & Creative director 聶永真 Aaron Nieh + 陳聖智 Even Chen
Project Designer 魏仁祥 Xiang Wei
Designer 王姿涵 Emily Wang
Copywriter 魏仁祥 Xiang Wei (all) & 聶永真 Aaron Nieh (subject of ‘.app’)
Project Manager 林彥君 Janice Lin

Motion Graphics Artist for Typography & KV Layout 鄭凱文 Kevin Cheng Photographer & Moving Image Artist in Collaboration Sydney Sie Idea Contributor of Images Sydney Sie & ©aaronniehworkshop Motion Graphics Artist for Image production Ronn Chen Photographic Assistant 楊喬然 Rivers Yang Overall Manager of the Project 台灣設計研究院 Taiwan Design Research Institute