Design and texture in detail
Plant Rinse [Sea Mist]
Plant Rinse [Mountain Rain]
Shallop's new 'Plant Rinse' line: A collaboration with Aaron Nieh
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Plant Rinse - Shallop x Aaron Nieh Mouthwash | 植漱口 - 刷樂 × 聶永真聯名設計漱口水

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Following the success of the Non-Colour Toothbrush series, Shallop teams up again with Aaron Nieh to unveil a brand-new mouthwash, Plant Rinse. This product features a matte transparent bottle design and is available in two distinct scents: “Mountain Rain” and “Sea Mist”. With its plant-based ingredients, “Plant Rinse” delivers a uniquely refreshing taste, using aromatic fragrances to ensure freshness and eliminate bad breath.

Plant Rinse also boasts Shallop’s proprietary CHG* + CPC** formula, which has earned recognition from the American Dental Association. This blend is effective in deeply cleaning dental plaque tucked between teeth. Its mild formula also ensures gentle cleaning, prioritizing oral care.

Plant Rinse ── “Mountain Rain” presents woody fragrance notes, infused with extracts of grapefruit, golden lily, and cypress.

Plant Rinse ── “Sea Mist” offers an oceanic aroma, enriched with extracts of lemon, sea salt, and rosemary.


*CHG (Chlorhexidine Gluconate) has been experimentally shown to effectively inhibit the growth of dental biofilm and decrease the risk of periodontal disease.

**CPC (Cetylpyridinium Chloride) aids in eliminating oral bacteria and minimizing the buildup of dental biofilm.

  1. Shallop’s new ‘Plant Rinse’ line: A collaboration with Aaron Nieh

  2. Plant Rinse [Mountain Rain]

  3. Plant Rinse [Sea Mist]

  4. Design and texture in detail

刷樂繼厭色系牙刷後,再次聯名聶永真,合力打造全新漱口水企劃作品 —— 植漱口。推出霧感透明之全新瓶型設計、研發〔山雨〕與〔海霧〕兩種氣味特調,以植為本,獨家輕涼感風味,安定淨化、香薰口腔,清除尷尬口氣。

植漱口更內含刷樂獨家專業研發 CHG* + CPC** 雙防護配方,經美國牙醫學會國際權威機構成分認可,深層清潔隱藏在齒間夾縫中的牙垢,低刺激配方,更可溫和潔淨呵護口腔。

植漱口〔山雨〕── 木質香調,研萃柚香、金萱、刺柏

植漱口〔海霧〕── 海洋香韻,提萃檸檬、海鹽、迷迭香


* CHG 氯己定葡萄糖酸鹽,實驗證實有效抑制牙菌膜滋長,降低牙周病發生機會。

** CPC 西吡氯銨,可清除口腔細菌,有助減少牙菌膜堆積。

Product orientation plan 永真急制 aaronniehworkshop
Art director & Copywriter 聶永真 Aaron Nieh
Designer 王翰偉 Hanwei Wang、王姿涵 Emily Wang
Project manager 林彥君 Janice Lin
Design strategy contributor 陳聖智 Even Chen

Agency 偉門智威 Wunderman Thompson