Ingredient packets for ready meals inside
The paper lid
The bag back
The close-up of gradient on the bag
The facade and side
The package
No. 22072

Half Raw Noodles - Yokohama DanDan Noodles | 半生麵 - 橫濱中華街担担麵

Package, Visual Identity, Food, Product Project


For Foodhood’s noodle product, we crafted a packaging design that uses abstract gradient graphics to convey warmth and depth. This overlays the enticing structure of the main product, Half Raw Noodles. Culinary photography on the reverse side complements this, enhancing consumers’ trust in and imagination of the dish.

The Aaron Nieh Workshop endeavoured to make this intricately designed package look effortlessly chic. It distinguishes itself from other shelf products with its unique appearance. With a keen focus on market positioning, we ensured the packaging showcased delicate layering, yet retained an element of charming allure. This collaboration represented a harmonious fusion of challenges, creative exploration, and scrupulous attention to detail across packaging production, material trials, and timeline management.

  1. The package

  2. The facade and side

  3. The close-up of gradient on the bag

  4. The bag back

  5. The paper lid

  6. Ingredient packets for ready meals inside



Art director 聶永真 Aaron Nieh
Project designer 王姿涵 Emily Wan
Concept design 魏仁祥 Xiang Wei
Project manager 林彥君 Janice Lin

Print Agency 古根漢美術印刷設計 GEEPRESS DESIGN