The fore-edge
Cover close-up
Book jacket and fore-edge
No. 19081

Doris Lessing “Golden Notebook” | 多麗絲・萊辛《金色筆記》

Book, Publication, Cover Design

Rye Field Publications 麥田出版


For the Taiwanese limited edition of Doris Lessing’s The Golden Notebook, we translated text into expressive scribbles printed along the book’s fore-edge. These scribbles act as a visual metaphor for the protagonist’s sporadic existence, as portrayed through non-linear excerpts in the narrative, and encapsulate the complexity of female consciousness.

The design moves beyond the traditional flat plane, communicating from a unique, multifaceted perspective that aligns with the text’s non-chronological order. In contrast, the monochromatic scribbles on the jacket project a sense of neutrality, mirroring the tone set within the book’s pages.

  1. Book jacket and fore-edge

  2. Cover close-up

  3. The fore-edge