The paper edition cover
The paper edition cover
Formosa Love, the topic
No. 21092

Formosa Love, VOGUE Taiwan

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VOGUE Taiwan


Design for the special edition cover of VOGUE Taiwan’s July 2021 issue, which was later auctioned as VOGUE Taiwan’s first historic NFT on 25 September 2021. Reflecting the theme Formosa Love, the image portrays the Pacific Ocean and the Guishan Island scenery as seen from the northeast coast of Taiwan on a tranquil night.The NFT was auctioned off for 30 ETH (approximately USD 80,000, based on the spot exchange rate at the time) on Foundation.app. This marked the first NFT sale from any of the VOGUE editions worldwide.

  1. Formosa Love, the topic

  2. The cover of Vogue July 2021 NFT edition

  3. The paper edition cover

  4. The paper edition cover

《Vogue Taiwan》以「Formosa Love | 一座島嶼的可能性為題」,邀請聶永真打造2021年7月號的特別版封面,並以同樣的設計理念製作並鑄造成NFT,藉每8秒循環之短動態,呈現夜晚太平洋海面上的寧靜景觀。此NFT於同年9月24日上架數位交易平台Foundation拍賣,並以30以太幣結標賣出(以當下即時匯率換算約為80,000美金);此作品為台灣首度推出、也是全球VOGUE第一件售出的NFT雜誌封面。

Graphics animating 江品緒 Pinhsu Chiang