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No. 21121

Fieldoffice Incomplete Works, 1994- 田中央作品集

Art Direction, Book, Publication, Editorial, Poster

Locus Publishing 大塊文化


Designed for the Taiwanese architecture group, Fieldoffice, this book highlights their key works from 1994, capturing nearly three decades in Yilan. The chapters use architectural concepts, showcasing poetic language through its layout and a harmonious blend of randomness and precision. Readers can navigate without sequential constraints, ensuring a fluid reading experience. The collection’s spatial arrangement is interconnected, providing a sense of agility and freedom.

  1. Cover accompanied by the jacket

  2. Cover design in detail

  3. Book spine and binding details

  4. Book block and inside page

  5. The spread

  6. Inside pages

  7. Poster enclosed in book

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本書以建築的概念形式劃分章節, 讀者在閱讀過程中不受順序約束,在隨機與謹慎當中尋找自由的流動是這本作品頁面的基調,而透過頁面空間的安排傳遞詩意的語言更是它的說話方式。

Cover composition & Editorial design consultant 聶永真 Aaron Nieh
Editorial design & Binding planning 王翰偉 Hanwei Wang
Design for the poster enclosed in the book 王翰偉 Hanwei Wang、聶永真 Aaron Nieh

Shoot of the book Oni Lai Photo Studio