Pastry gift set
Two editions of pastry sets
Two editions of pastry sets
Gift bag of ‘embrace'
Pastry souvenir boxes of ‘embrace’ in two editions
No. 21051

embrace - KUO YUAN YE × Aaron Nieh 155th Anniversary Box | embrace - 郭元益 × 聶永真 155周年聯名設計禮盒

Crossover, Package, Food, Co-branding, Product Project


True thoughtfulness knows no bounds; the most cherished gifts come from the heart.

KUO YUAN YE upholds Taiwan’s age-old tradition of gift-giving, honouring our heritage while stepping into the future. We take immense pride in our rich Taiwanese values and the freedoms we cherish ── the freedom of choice, expression, and heartfelt sentiment.

In collaboration with Aaron Nieh, KUO YUAN YE presents the pastry gift set embrace for its 155th Anniversary, meticulously crafted to elevate our signature flavours with a fusion touch. This set is a harmonious blend of Taiwan’s storied past and vibrant present, capturing the essence of our heart and soul – a gift of deep appreciation for you.

  1. Pastry souvenir boxes of ‘embrace’ in two editions

  2. Gift bag of ‘embrace’

  3. Two editions of pastry sets

  4. Two editions of pastry sets

  5. Pastry gift set

心意,沒有規則 ● 對你的好,不拘一式

承襲臺灣傳統的送禮⼼意,同時擁抱當代。郭元益聯名聶永真設計全新訂製款155周年紀念禮盒 ,傳遞品牌對文化禮俗辯證與深層思考 ── 致敬這座島嶼上多樣價值的驕傲並存、也為這個社會好不容易迎來的選項自由、觀點自由、理念自由、依存自由、心自由與新自由,奉上最美的致意。


Artist agent Jean Huang