Produce introduction cards
Film lid on the tray's top inside
Gift bag of CHIAgift
Box side and accompanying inner tray
Box top and the artwork
No. 21021

CHIAgift - Chiayi County Selected Produces | 嘉縣丹祿 - 嘉義縣府選品禮盒

Branding, Package, Visual Identity, Food

Chiayi County Government 嘉義縣政府


The Chiayi County government commissioned Aaron Nieh Workshop to craft the design for its official gift box CHIAgift. The box showcases the local scenery in a fresh visual presentation. It uses a minimalist beige as the base, adorned with abstract geometric designs of verdant mountains and a burnt-orange sun. The gift bag adopts a deep forest green, exuding a natural ambience.

The gifts are a selection of exquisite products from the unique geographic location of 23.5° N latitude, harvested from different seasons in the Alishan area. These chosen items are combined into a singular gift box, with contents changing based on the festive theme. Offerings might include mullet roe, scallion goose oil, bamboo shoot mullet roe sauce, bass essence, quail salted eggs, and century eggs. Beyond serving as official gifts for significant holidays or special occasions, these boxes promote local agricultural and fishery industries.

  1. Box top and the artwork

  2. Box side and accompanying inner tray

  3. Gift bag of CHIAgift

  4. Film lid on the tray’s top inside

  5. Produce introduction cards


嘉義縣府的官方贈禮,嚴選來自北緯23.5° 得天獨厚地理環境、阿里山下不同時節的嘉義優鮮精品,以選物組合的方式集結成單一禮盒,並依節慶主題更換烏魚子、蔥鵝油、竹筍烏魚子醬、鱸魚精、鵪鶉鹹蛋、皮蛋等美味農產單品,作爲重要節日或特殊場合的官方贈禮外,更同時推廣在地農漁產業。

Art director 聶永真 Aaron Nieh
Designer 陳聖智 Even Chen、聶永真 Aaron Nieh
Card of produce introduction 魏仁祥 Xiang Wei
Project manager 林彥君 Janice Lin

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