No. 22051

BreezeVerse × Aaron Nieh NFT Passport

Art Direction, Metaverse, NFT, Co-branding

Breeze Group


The BreezeVerse NFT Passport is a co-branding project launched by the Breeze Group and Aaron Nieh. It’s divided into three distinct tiers: Creation, Territory, and Supreme, totalling 502 NFTs. Instead of originating from a single prototype, this concept draws from a diverse range of textual interpretations. While the generative methods and abstract forms differ across the three tiers, they share a consistent visual language. These NFTs embrace inspirations from modern rhetorics born out of Consumerism, cultural symbols, cyber slang, and even the enigmatic plot devices from sci-fi movies. Whether it’s the mysterious MacGuffins of cinema or floating, metaphorical objects, they are conveyed through static images, moving gradients, and abstract 3D shapes, achieving an aesthetic both profound and unique.

Every NFT is minted as a distinct art piece, embodying coding recombinations, intertextuality, customization, geometric verification in both 2D and 3D, and animated perfection. The resulting artwork can be lo-fi yet polished, sophisticated, vibrant, intricately layered, detailed, and teeming with imagination.

  1. Campaign’s lead visual

  2. Tier 1 — Supreme. Chance of making: 1/20 (5%)

  3. Tier 2 — Territory. 
Chance of making: 1/5 (20%)

  4. Tier 3 — Creation
. Chance of making: 3/4 (75%)

  5. Mystery Box

BreezeVerse NFT Passport 為微風集團聯名聶永真之NFT專案。概念涵括多元面向的文本詮釋,不以單一母體發展,造物觀與抽象型態系統各自分野,視覺語言卻又交互連貫。從物生物所創造出的新修辭、透過動態漸層與抽象幾何構成的形態,到如科幻電影裡神秘麥高芬(MacGuffin)或權杖般的真空懸浮物件⋯⋯等動、靜態創作,皆以創造微風元宇宙裡的未來想像,為品牌賦能的同級市場,帶來相當份量及獨特稀缺的藝術性。

每一顆 NFT以獨一無二的內容鑄造呈現;揉合編碼重組、交互文本、獨立客製、型態驗證、2D、3D、動態等複合手法及完美主義,時而低限純熟、時而複雜世故、時而多汁可口,大量交織、無一重複,充滿想像空間。

Artistic concept & Visual leader 聶永真 Aaron Nieh
Designer in association 王翰偉 Hanwei Wang & 陳聖智 Even Chen

Animation & 3D artist 徐光慧 Sylvia Hsu、鄭凱文 Kevin Cheng @ 空集設計 NullsDesign

Typeface design & Producer of aa Grotesk 趙家祺 Chiachi Chao
Designer for landing page 楊喬然 Rivers Yang

Project initiated Breeze Group Entitlement support of NFTs Breeze Group
Marketing, Media promotion & Press Breeze Group

Channel integration of NFTs MaiCoin
Technological & Visual support of site connection Chih-Hao Chen