Typography & brand identity application
Typography & brand identity application
Brand identity application
Brand identity application
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YODEX - Brand identity| 新一代設計展標誌識別

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Taiwan’s 40th Young Designers’ Exhibition (YODEX) has unveiled its logo rebrand, symbolising the evolution of YODEX.

In a bid to align with contemporary aesthetics and symbols, our team set out to craft a new logo that embodies a fresh era and accentuates the brand’s adaptability, mobility, and legibility. The logotype is stylised as an abbreviation of the brand name, incorporating features of “edges and corners” from various perspectives. This epitomises the idea “The Same Difference” within the dynamic logo.

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  3. Brand identity application

  4. Brand identity application

  5. Typography & brand identity application

  6. Typography & brand identity application

  7. New typeface in CN/EN for Yodex

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永真急制團隊運用品牌英文字縮寫構成標誌主體,與中英標準字機動性配搭,著重整體字型諧和、平衡度與字間、字句排列細節感。定位於「邊緣」及「角落」特性,多元視角、彈性靈活的可變性標誌(Dynamic Logos),更寓意著「The Same Difference」,識別標誌的取用可存在於不同情境組合與媒介中,而不侷限於單一形體,也正呼應新一代設計人自由不設限和不拘ㄧ格的特質。

Art director 陳聖智 Even Chen
Designer 陳聖智 Even Chen、魏仁祥 Xiang Wei、聶永真Aaron Nieh
Compiling of logo guide 魏仁祥 Xiang Wei
Project manager 林彥君 Janice Lin

Motion graphics designer 江品緒 Pinhsu Chiang