The poster
The wall billboard
Flag banners outside MoCA
Invitaion & tickets
Key Visual
No. 23021

Beyond Architecture: Fieldofiice Architects + 7 Artists | 超出建築:田中央+七位藝術家聯展

Art Direction, Key Visual, Poster, Motion Graphics, Exhibition


This series serves as the key visuals for the exhibition Beyond Architecture ── Fieldoffice Architects + 7 Artists. Beginning with seven artists, it uses distinct line shapes and proportions to metaphorically depict the encounters and interactions between the artists and Fieldoffice Architects. By blending geometric and organic graphics with text, it breaks away from traditional visual forms.

  1. Key visual with motion graphics

  2. Key Visual

  3. Invitaion & tickets

  4. Flag banners outside MoCA

  5. The wall billboard

  6. The poster

此作品為〔超出建築 ── 田中央+七位藝術家 聯展〕系列視覺,以七位藝術家出發,透過七種不同線條形狀和比例,隱喻與詮釋在不同的時空脈絡中,藝術家與田中央建築相遇、協作、甚而碰撞的多種圖景,且以直接、並列的展覽資訊文本交替呈現,透過幾何、有機圖樣與文字的相互疊合,突破傳統的形式的視覺呈現。

Art director & Project designer 聶永真 Aaron Nieh
Designer 王翰偉 Hanwei Wang、陳聖智 Even Chen

Motion graphics designer 鄭凱文 Kevin Cheng