BACON ICE CREAM Taiwan Edition
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BACON ICE CREAM Taiwan Edition
BACON ICE CREAM Taiwan Edition
No. 21081

Yoshiyuki Okuyama “BACON ICE CREAM”, Taiwan Edition | 奧山由之《BACON ICE CREAM》台灣版

Publication, Book, Editorial, Art Direction

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2021 marks the 10th year of Japanese photographer Yoshiyuki Okuyama’s career. Geared towards Taiwanese readers, he chose to republish the photo book BACON ICE CREAM, collaborating with Aaron Nieh. They included 34 new pieces not featured in the Japanese edition, giving the photo book a complete makeover and a fresh appearance. Unlike the Japanese edition characterised by designer Kazunari Hattori’s vibrant and light arrangement, Aaron Nieh created a two-volume set with two different types of paper. Paired with special binding techniques, this design showcases the other possibilities in photobook production.

  1. BACON ICE CREAM Taiwan Edition

  2. BACON ICE CREAM Taiwan Edition

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  4. Attached limited poster

  5. BACON ICE CREAM Taiwan Edition

2021年是日本攝影師奧山由之攝影生涯的第10年。面向台灣讀者,他選擇重新出版攝影集《BACON ICE CREAM》,力邀設計師聶永真合作,加入日本版未收錄的34張新作,讓攝影集脫胎換骨,以嶄新面貌呈現。不同於日版設計師服部一成充滿飽合度與新鮮輕盈的視覺,聶永真設計出兩冊一套、兩種用紙的形式,搭配特殊車線加工,呈現攝影書製作的其他可能性。

Photographer for book design 林茂榮 Lin Mao Rong (Provided by Uni-Books原點出版提供)
Print agency 煒揚印刷 Wei-Yang Print Plan Agent