Cover close-up
Close-up of the CD
Artist image in lyric booklet
Lyrics presented in raised, uninked typography
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Inside page image
Inside page close-up
Back cover
The album cover
The album cover
No. 20121

Aaron Yan “Metropolis” | 炎亞綸《摩登原始人》

Album, Package, Visual Identity, Art Direction, Editorial


“Our existence is constantly in the last second, swiftly becoming an artifact of the past as we face the future.” ── This album’s design uses visual language to reinterpret the relativity of time, establishing a cutting-edge narrative by contrasting modernity with primitiveness.

From the cover’s clown face, which ambiguously smiles and yet seems to mourn, to the inner pages that set “modern” against “primal”, the design explores scenarios and events that simultaneously coexist and conflict across time and space. The album’s design is predicated on white, with lyrics presented in raised, uninked typography, offering the appearance of a clean, dust-free exterior that subtly encapsulates a series of incisive and profound cautionary fables.

  1. The album cover

  2. The album cover

  3. Back cover

  4. Inside page close-up

  5. Inside page image

  6. Inside page image

  7. Inside page close-up

  8. Lyrics presented in raised, uninked typography

  9. Artist image in lyric booklet

  10. Close-up of the CD

  11. Cover close-up

「我們永遠活在正在過期的前一秒。相對於未來,此刻的這一秒已是原始」── 此張專輯設計利用視覺語言重譯時間的相對性,以摩登對比原始的反差,為這張作品注釋了一套cutting-edge的論述。


* The work was nominated for a Golden Melody Award for Best Album Packaging and won both the 2021 Golden Pin Design Award and the German Red Dot Design Award. 本作品獲金曲獎最佳裝幀設計獎入圍,並雙獲2021年金點年度最佳設計獎及德國紅點設計獎

Art director & Designer 陳聖智 Even Chen + 聶永真 Aaron Nieh

3D artist (Visual for single) 張以得 Mark Chang
Photography for Portrait 康志豪 Kris Kang

Marketing planner director 陳信延 Yuen Chen
Planning execution Hsuan Wang
Print agency 煒揚印刷 Wei-Yang Printing